İmamköy Eski Kaplıcası, Gizemli Mağralar ve Narlı dere Kanyonu (İng)

The old spa new spa approximately 2 (two) km above the rocks where the caves between legend is a spa. Narl?dere Kahl. A rumor has it that the Virgin Mary is said to be hiding in this spa and cave. The old structure near the hot springs in front of them and are available. Hot-water bath, which is defined as the natural hot springs, spa as synonymous with the word “Thermal” acceptable for application, but also in the same sense Spa, hot springs in the sense that it is being used. Spa and thermal sources, besides the fact that mineral content high removal tool fulfills the function as natural water sources is also therapeutic, healing and drinking purposes. Thermal water can be used, that is the subject of the ground water, the temperature 20 degrees, although it contain at least 1 gram, liter of mineral, respiratory system, skin, blood-skeletal system, heart-circulatory gastro-intestinal-kidney-bladder, female-do?umnörolojik is expressed in improving the sickness. ?mamköy spring is said to have these features.

The village makes the old review on hot spring İmamköy SARA University art history and Flemish Lecturer Assistant. Assoc.Yrd.Doç. Dr  Mustafa Kemal Sahin, intertwined with the remains of Tomb near the settlement late Roman-early Byzantine periods as in showing that. Thermal structure approximately 10.00 m west of the terrace with kademelendirilen area is a separate area for guests ‘ accommodation. The batter was founded in a land üzerinedo?u-w direction. 6.65 x 6.65 m square area with non-covered half-dome on squinches with implicit passed is the full wall thickness of 0.65 cm. An introduction to clarity in terms of the South (0.65 x 1.70 m.) is entered, to include the Spa, with still two niches with pointed arches one in the same direction (0.30 x 0.40, 0.30 x 0.55 m) East direction three porthole (0.13 x 0.70, 0.10 x 0.70, 0.13 x 0.70 m) provides a link to other structures in the north direction, possibly a second input (0.65 x 0.80 m) and pointed arched niche deficit (0.37 x 0.66 m) of water source area in the western direction 1.30 x 8.60 m wide and over the vault. Right next to this place in a range of niches with pointed arches (0.45 x 0.71 m.). The central area is a square ((3.55 x 3.65 m.) and a row of seats that has been in the pool, sewage waste 0.20 cm. in size in terms of the narrow channel East ?mamköy Creek falls. The production relies on cut stone, rubble stone and brick arches and domes in particular. Hot Springs next to the main building to the North of the structure, which is related to only the remains of walls that can we can talk about the existence of a second building. This is the function does not have enough data to be able to say something about. The hot springs have been used in the construction of the dome of brick.

Accommodation in order to built on the land, still doing batter made 400 x 12.45 m and approximately 2.55 x 2.95 m, which is composed of four panes. The material used is less in terms of quality workmanship gösteeren structure completely rubble used, ensuring better Spa irinti although intended in some parts of the ruined entrance with a window opening. Probably to take place in January with niches. The structure is covered with the wooden roof. ?mamköy old Ibrahim Aydin, a sense of the Interior holds a key to light spa architecture. Germencik Alangüllü bath with plan is similar to each other in terms of both architectural features. The use of stone and brick in mainly providing transition to the dome similar to the other direction with jade is one of the Alangüllü spring. It must be on the same plane, possibly due to the fault line is located. The exact construction of the structure in which each inscription or document, which specifies the name of the year although there is no about it. Be covered with the dome square area, dome switch systems the use of mainly jade and consists of mainly of stone and brick in aspects is similar to many historical mosques and Ayd?ndaki shrine. Example; Noor Dad (Agrahari) still applied in the center of the province, and in a sense, backing off a plan type Üveys Pa?a (976/1568) Old-New (Hasan Çelebi) (993/1585-1899 repair) Ramazan Pa?a, Sar.mae Pasha Mosque in the village of Hammam Nasuh Pa?a Hammam Karahay?t Hamamlardan such as the temperature in the area is crossed with a square section Jade Dome system shows that ?mamköy old tradition bath health resort located in the likeness of Atike Lady Moreover also available. Each year the exact construction of the structure, which specifies the name of the Il?ca which although there is no inscription or document are underway in this regard. Square one area the dome have covered, dome switch systems are mainly used in the construction of stone and brick with tromp of the weight consists of showing the similarity of the structures we have given an example of the direction, in terms of the XV century reflect the local traditions of the first half of the XVI century, it is possible to suggest that with.

 Name: Nermin KARABULUT

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